Thursday, December 11, 2008


It is with great disgust that I have to report the total disregard that my mother ship's government seems to have with its peoples wishes . Ireland is supposedly democratic. Europe does not like that the Irish people have voted " No" to the Lisbon Treaty .

Its my understanding that many other European governments did not even put this Treaty to referendum. I was quite proud to learn that the Irish people would exercise their democratic right to vote on the future of their country , while other nations were not given the choice. Alas , it seems we were dooped!

The Irish public voted " No" to the treaty, and whether we , the government , or the EU parliment like it or not , the people have spoken . End of story , right? Its a democracy , right?

Apparently not ! Our Taoiseach ( prime minister ) , Mr. Cowen , depicted in the graffiti above, has decided to override the democratic wishes of the Irish public, by asking us to vote again. we now have two choices , vote "yes" , or , vote " yes " .

I am thoroughly ashamed of our government. BIFFO , ( Big Ignorant F$&*ker From Offaly) as our taoiseach is affectionately known, has decided to put it to vote again - wonder what kind of scaremongering lies ahead in order to produce the desired vote. Oh , the shame of it !


Seabee said...

There are many examples of the failure of democracy, this is yet another. How about the opposition pushing for a vote of no confidence in the government?

she said...

According to surveys predicting how people will vote the second time around- its going to be close. All the member states need to accept this in order for it to go through ( which is why not all governments allowed their people to vote ! )

So our big boys are clearly under pressure from the top! The original vote was 46.6% in favour and 53.4% against - anyone who was in limbo the last time is going to be subject to an onslaught of campaigns from the yes lobby.

I think the opposition are so outraged by all this that its going to be a bloody battle! Question is - will be they organised enough to pull it off again !
First time around - people were so unsure what it was all about - something smelled fishy and the government were being very evasive about the specifics- thats when it all started going south. This time you can be sure the irish will be mollycoddled into a false sense of security. Hope they keep their collective eye on the ball !