Tuesday, May 5, 2009

nine months and counting ...

I could've cooked up a baby in that time ! Who knew PRO's could be so utterly USELESS! Is this the universe telling me to just GO HOME? I think I may have beaten the all time record to wait for a visa to be processed! Still nothing ! Can anyone beat this time frame?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

God's Busy... Can I Help? No? Ok, Only Joke, Look Only T-shirt, Me Joke.

I won't go into much detail of what happened during the Rage to the Extreme Concert that took place at the Palace Hotel in Bahrain on Thursday night. Many rock fans deemed the night one of the worst nights in Bahrain's history of hosting rock concerts.

The story is here and here.

Local musician Prasad Jayaruwa of the band Mushroom Massacre was pulled aside by CID officials before being escorted to the CID office in Adilya, Bahrain for sporting what they thought was an offensive t-shirt.

The t-shirt displayed a slogan which read "God's Busy... Can I Help?".

Conservative MPs in the lower house have often cautioned against allowing rock concerts in Bahrain, claiming that many of the people involved were implicated in "Satanic" practices.

The "offensive" T-shirt was confiscated and Prasad later returned to the venue wearing a new shirt bearing the image of pop star Craig David.

I knew it!! I knew it all along!! I always had this eerie and peculiar feeling about him. And now, it turns out he's Satan in the flesh, he's at the forefront, the vanguard for all these "Satanic" practices. Bahraini conservative MP's knew it all along, but for some reason they and the CID just decided, after intense negotiations, to unleash this crucial piece of information to the world. These conservative MP's have alot on their plate these days and they have asked us, the people, to help. We must act. It was always there in front of our eyes. Let us look at the facts;

From Craig David's song library;


I met this girl on Monday
Took her for a drink on Tuesday
We were making love by Wednesday and on Thursday & Friday & Saturday
We chilled on Sunday

No one, I tell you no one can meet a girl on Monday and take her out for a drink on Tuesday and then make love on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday AND Saturday but STILL be there "chilling" on Sunday.
Normal men would be out the door by Thursday never to be seen.
What Craig David displays are super human powers, hence Satan.


You're what I need
I wanna taste you (taste you)
Take you home with me
You look so good
Good enough to eat

'Nuff said!!


Oh Lady
I'm only human
Of flesh and blood I'm made
I'm only human
Born to make mistakes

Liar!!, he looks human and everyone thinks he's human. Why is he labouring the point, has he something to hide?

And last but not least...


She's on fire tonight
She's on fire tonight
She's on fire tonight She's on fire, she's on fire
She's on fire tonight
She's on fire tonight
She's on fire tonight
She's on fire, she's on fire
She's on (fire)
She's on fire, (fire)
She's on fire, (fire)
She's on fire, told you before

This is too much!!

Thinking about it, I blame these conservative MP's for all the fallen victims.

Note: For all of you that thought Dick Cheney was the devil, suck it up. He's just a knob.