Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ignorance is bliss ...

Lawmakers slam calls to introduce sex-clinics in Bahrain

I am gritting my teeth on this one. Having come from a society where, not too long ago , the method du jour of informing people about sexual health was based on scare mongering and a restriction on solid information , I can unequivocally state - THIS WONT WORK!
The results of a lack of open information in Ireland gave rise to such things as the Magdalene Laundries, the legacy of which has been long documented in films and in books. Entry into these institutions was prompted by anything from being flirtatious , too attractive , to the ultimate faux pas of being pregnant out of wedlock.

Far be it from me to start to preach about the evils of sexual activity outside of marriage, but I think that looking at the Irish example, a lack of information can have disastrous effects on a society . For a pious and god fearing country such as Ireland in the 50's, 60's 70's and so on, would a sex clinic have encouraged unmarried citizens to engage in the ultimate of sins? Doubtful, it wouldn't change their awareness that their activity was considered a sin. At least , would it have done a better job of keeping things in check than the old laundry tactics?

Thankfully , the Gulf countries , to the best of my knowledge ,dont provide institutions akin to the Irish phenomenon, however, who is to say that informing young people about sexual health is in effect calling on youth to engage in sexual relations? It looks like this clinic will not go ahead - and so be it , but its a shame that in this day and age information is still equated with intent !

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Now, what I would have done is ....

Enough with the soap box stuff - but found this website which perfectly illustrates just how things in this world have been "mismanaged" Take the 3 TRILLION spent on the war in Iraq and redistribute the cash .I , for one , am going to think globally on this one ( right after I treat myself to a house , a car and a wii fitness - oooh yeah! ) I particularly like the non violent leadership training for 10 million leaders - a snip at 4 for just $300,000 each !Put yourself in the position of power ... could YOU have done a better job with this money? Computer says ...YES!

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sign of things to come?

THAT couple on the beach ....This story perhaps best describes the kind of issues that the UAE has been facing of late. While not all of us choose to relieve ourselves of our sexual frustrations on a beach after a boozy champagne lunch , I think it can be safely said this extreme example of lack of respect for local sensitivities typifies the struggles of a cultural melting pot in a sensitive region.But lets be frank here , if you decided to have a drunken romp on a public beach - ignored a caution from a police officer , then proceeded to hurl abuse and a high heeled shoe at him when he returned to find you have ignored his warning , then no matter what country in the world you are in - you will find yourself with a slap on the wrists. Add now to this the fact that you are in a region of the world where this behaviour is unthinkable .Enough has been said about the Ex-pat Dubai resident and her new husband, but leaving this case aside - can we expect now that the powers that be will finally be forced to employ a stricter set of rules and regulations for its expat residents. The amount of media coverage this case got ( including a wonderful little write up in the uk sun newspaper ) means that this is an issue that is rapidly gaining momentum and bringing with it negative publicity to Dubai as a tourist destination , not to mention highlighting to Emiratis their country has been colonized once more , only this time , they invited it into their society!There is a hedonistic quality to Dubai socializing - one which has been played out privately for many years - and the authorities have been very accommodating to people on the provisions that they discreetly lived their lives. If you want to consume alcohol - go through the correct procedures and consume it in hotels or at home . Be respectful of the culture and its residents and you cant go wrong.However , this event may finally be the straw that breaks the proverbial camels back. Have Western expats finally overstepped the mark in the ultimate insult to a culture - no longer respecting the boundaries imposed by their hosts? What will the fallout of what is becoming worryingly frequent behaviour be ?For years now, I have encountered the “if you don’t like it , leave !” response to my general grumblings about UAE . It’s a line that usually angers me , with its head in the sand attitude, nonchalance, and undying conviction that THIS system is the right way ! I maintain this view with issues concerning competence, organization , traffic…etc etc , but to IF you feel that the decency laws ruling this country will stretch your ability to keep it all in check - then for once, I will preach this right back at you “ if you don’t like it - leave “. Because trust me , its not worth it !With a local population that is feeling the effects of being a minority in their own land , and generations of perpetual immigrants living here but not calling this home - what does the future hold for the UAE? And exactly who will be paying the price for the massive changes occurring here on a weekly basis?