Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Calm again...

Re: Road Raging! Ok , I am feeling a little better now ! I felt like Mrs. Bouquet (/ Bucket ) when I called the Sharjah Police ( I'm SURE I heard him laugh as he passed the phone to a colleague ) , and I manage to hit the car in front because I was so vehemently guarding my space in an hour long queue ! According to recent studies , I am suffering from some kind of mental disorder - but to those who know me , this will come as no surprise! Apparently I all need is a visit to this website to iron out any deficiencies I may have in exhibiting a zen like calm on the road at 6.30 am.

Having researched the issue briefly ( and I when I say briefly , I mean , oh, a minute ) , I have come to the conclusion that my road rage was perfectly reasonable . I was obeying the rules of the road - others were not - the actions of "others" were causing my blood pressure to rise and from there it goes. I think this is fair enough . I am allowed to get p*&^d off when I see someone breaking the law , and even more so when this law breaking has directly interfered with me , Right? I mean , let me put it like this , I have decided that my ranting on a blog is far safer than the actions of the man who decided it was his place to reverse over a woman in his hummer this year in Dubai . Funnily enough , this man has still not been brought to justice. Apparently it had something to do with his number plate being very easy to remember ... or so a friend informed me recently .

Anyway , I write this from a starbucks in the city, as I attempted to go home via the emirates road at around 3.30 but made the wise decision to turn back ! Yes , it seems that not only are Ramadan mornings hazardous , but so too are the evenings, as people rush home - starved and dehydrated . Emirates road , in the parts where you can move , resemble a grand prix racing track - I'm just waiting to see burning tyres on the side of the road. Honestly , your heart would be in your mouth to drive in these kind of conditions , and I'm saying this as a confident driver.I'm echoing a fellow bloggers sentiments about this , but i really hope i don't see carnage on the roads this year , because , at the moment , I associate Ramadan with a couple of things - anger and dangerous driving being two of those things - now I'm sure that's not the intended message Muslims would like to portray!!! Please , please , slow down - get there alive and hungry - its preferable to not getting there at all!


Seabee said...

Every year at Ramadan the crash figures are up on our normal appalling figures because of the rush to get home for Iftar. It's best to stay off the roads until a little later.

alexander... said...

Try just after 4.30. It's relatively calm, although the Emirates Road is rammed through to dusk. The 611 as an alternative? Up the Awir road, turn left. It's longer, but you won't be in danger of your life! :)