Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nooooooooooooo! But I love KFC

Dammnit , it looks like its time to put our collective consumer power to something slightly more important than self service petrol stations. Shame really , I felt like chicken tonight !! So KFC is off the finger lickin good list.

Actually , it seems like just about all meat is off the list . Having just braved THIS video ( not for the faint hearted , you have been warned ) from a link in a peta website ( well, I did ask for it ) I'm feeling ever so slightly guilty for the hummus with meat I am about to tuck into . I know its wrong, I also thoughts vegans were bleeding heart hippies and the fact that I like most meat coupled with the fact that its the natural order of things- I made my peace with it . Until I saw this video - I'm not naive enough to presume that the lamb chops on my plate were not once living and breathing ,frolicking about a field....but now it seems they lead an horrific existence field with cruelty straight from the dark passages of a Hannibal Lector style genius, and never even made it to that field. What to do....I wish I was still in ignorant bliss !!

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