Monday, September 14, 2009

"keepin' it real" gone wrong...

I like Kanye West . I bought his first album , his second album and I even stuck by his latest ventures of relying almost exclusively on that voice synthesiser crap. But music snob I ain't and one of the joys of being a music fan over a certain age is that you can separate the music from the personality. And oh my , what a personality!

Click here to see Kanye making an utter tit of himself on MTV's 2009 VMA's. Oh, and here, and here and .... you get the picture.

For the record, Beyonce's video probably WAS better than Taylor Swift's. So , in fact, was Pink's video ... .funny how they managed to smile and applaud! Beyonce even managed to try to make up for the embarrassment of it all by sharing her moment in the spot light ( God know's she has enough of them ) later on in the show. She called Taylor Swift up on stage , saying how she remembered her first VMA win and how exciting it was, giving Taylor a chance to get a better stab at her thank yous!

I want to send Kanye to the same bootcamp that Serena Williams should do a stint in ! I think he is a cranky blogger trapped in a celebrities body - but when the world is watching , if you dont have anything nice to say - shut it !

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HE said...

Intersting post, you beat me to it :)

I am not a fan of the VMA'S - I only found out they had taken place because of Kanye's antics which makes me think - was this staged?

MTV viewers have declined in the past decade so with something like this can you imagine the millions that are going to tweet/facebook/instant message/blog about "Yo! Kanye just bum rushed the stage at the VMA'S" - this is shock value at it's best and Kanye will keep doing it as long as people pay attention to it.

On the other hand - if it was staged, Taylor should have been in on it - she clearly seemed shocked - and I don't think Beyonce would want her name to be used in a cruel joke like that. They cut to commercials and all the videos on Youtube were immediately removed except for the AP one.

So was this staged? I don't know, it doesn't look like it though.

But anyway, Kanye remains a douche in my books.

I do think Beyonce asking Taylor to come on stage was very much staged - she almost came out before Beyonce calls her on stage - in her little red dress, it was almost like a fairy tale.

But anyway, Beyonce remains a class act in my books.

You are right, Beyonce's and Pink's videos are better.

Therefore, if the the awards show hadn't lied to Taylor Swift, this wouldn't have happened. Lol, just kidding, bless her heart.